Executive Escape Villas in Laem Set, Koh Samui, Thailand

Think out of the box. Brainstorming needs more than a boardroom and coffee. Get inspired for that trailblazing product or strategy or build camaraderie with colleagues at these mind-refreshing villa getaways. Projectors, fax machines, WiFi, air conditioned rooms suitable for meetings and a good coffee machine are just some of the facilities you would expect to find to oil the wheels of industry.

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Shiva Samui Resort - Baan Sarika

Shiva Samui Resort - Baan Sarika

Thailand » Koh Samui » Laem Set

 If you worry that staying in a gated community means dealing with intrusive neighbours and beating them to the sun beds in the morning, think again. As soon as you close the front door at Baan Sarika you're in a private, exclusive world and free to relax in your own space, surrounded by tropical extravagance. The decor may be a little magniloquent for a beach villa, but at least you never forget you're in Thailand and once you slip on your bathers and flop into the pool, you quickly get used to feeling like a royal guest.     

A team of staff take care of the entire estate, and as a guest at Baan Sarika you enjoy VIP treatment (although you can stipulate the amount of attention you receive!). Mealtimes are almost as much of a pleasure as the down time in between, most of which is easily spent doing very little in a horizontal pose.     

When you yearn for life's simple pleasures, you can wander along the quiet beach to watch the fishermen bring in their catch or just gaze over the calm waters to the small islands on the horizon. Although you share the beach with other guests and residents, this part of the island never feels crowded and local island life continues around you undisturbed. This is the kind of villa that inspires a long, satisfied sigh.
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Search Results: 1 Villa(s) in 1 page(s)
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