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Entering Anilana Craigbank via its furnished front veranda, you arrive in the cosy drawing room where squashy sofas sit symmetrically in front of a large open fire. Books and interior design magazines are arranged in neat piles on the coffee table between the sofas, and interesting prints and photographs draw your attention to the soft fabric-covered walls, which are a feature throughout the property; each room is personalised by its own rich shade.     

On the far side of the drawing room, a doorway leads to an L-shaped, olive-green gallery that exhibits old prints, photographs and hunting trophies. Directly across the hall from the drawing room, through matching high carved doors, is an elegant dining room where silver candelabra take pride of place atop a long teak dining table. The walls blush a deep burgundy and a little serving hatch, still very much in use, provides a hint of nostalgia.    

The names of the four bedrooms were chosen to reflect the direction in which they face. First along the hallway is the dark chocolate-hued South room, the largest of the four. This has a walk-through dressing room lined with cupboards, a double bed, ensuite bathroom with bathtub and shower, and French windows leading onto the front veranda and side garden.    

Next along is East; a moss-green accented bedroom with double bed, writing desk, doors opening onto the side garden and ensuite bathroom with tub and shower. Opposite East is West, another double-bedded yet slightly smaller red-hued bedroom overlooking the front lawn. Its ensuite bathroom features an especially unusual round, ceramic antique bathtub as well as a shower.    

Just beyond the jungle mural at the far end of the hall is the final bedroom; North. Painted white, it also has a double bed and a large bathroom with twin basins, tub and shower. Next to this bedroom are the kitchen and laundry rooms.

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