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Villas with ten bedrooms are very rare but offer wonderful potential for big get-togethers between groups of families or friends. They also make perfect corporate retreats. Ten bedroom villas are the best for hosting special events since space is at a premium and your invitees can actually stay in situ too.

Miskawaan Residences - Villa Sila and Wayu

Miskawaan Residences - Villa Sila and Wayu

Thailand  »  Koh Samui  »  Mae Nam

The two Miskawaan Residence villas are positioned so as not to infringe on one other, allowing privacy in a sheltered beachfront world. However, clever design means that if you’ve booked both, it’s like having a luxury resort all to yourself.

The villa manager and her team were friendly and amenable throughout and we found the level of service to be exceptional – all staff were very professional and the villa manager speaks impeccable English. Alfresco breakfasts were enjoyed at the shady sala overlooking the bay and staff regularly appeared from nowhere to offer drinks and snacks, efficiently set tables, and prepare and serve meals to our schedule. Although we visited as a couple, we could appreciate how a large group would be well taken care of with this team, particularly for a corporate event.

The days passed gently, time between meals happily filled with regular dips in the pool interspersed with naps, reading and ‘Googling’ on the beachside terrace. For sun soaking sessions we headed to the beach, and staff obliged by moving the sun loungers down onto the sand for us. The water here is a balmy 28 degrees Celsius year round and deep enough for a long swim (during the monsoon in November the tides are higher, so the beach gets quite narrow).

We enjoyed the villa to the full, seeing little reason to go out when we had everything right there on our doorstep, and so explored the menu in depth and offset our guilt with regular visits to the fitness room and sauna interspersed with long beach runs and paddles in the villas’ kayaks. On the Thursday night, we enjoyed an evening at the nearby festive walking street market. On our return, our room has been turned down, the air-conditioning set at just the right temperature, and local coconut candy placed on our pillows. (It’s worth noting that the air-conditioning is so quiet, that had the room not been cool, we would have questioned whether it was on.)
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