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Villa Zelie

Villa Zelie

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We are no strangers to beautiful villas, but Villa Zelie is definitely one of our favourites, and we were happy to forget the real world as we immersed ourselves in this enchanted cocoon of sumptuous comfort and superlative service.

In these days of modern minimalism we relished the chance to bask in pure, unabashed old-world glory. Every glance and every turn was greeted with a slice of Indonesian history; from the delicate floral motifs hand-carved on wood, to tribal shell-encrusted neck pieces fastening back drapes, nightstands adorned with feather headdresses and corners filled with stone statues. And it wasn’t just the quality of the antiques, but also their thoughtful placement and display, which made it abundantly clear that the owner has impeccable taste and style.

The use of natural woods and stone accentuated by richly hued textiles in the bedrooms creates warmth and cosiness – despite the generous size of the property, and our bedroom gladak felt like something straight out of a fairy tale. Ensuite bathrooms were wonderfully atmospheric with vanities carved into stone and petrified wood, and pretty courtyard gardens. Fabulous lighting throughout the property added an enchanting allure to evenings, when all was blissfully quiet but for the faint hum of cicadas and the distant sound of the waves,

The pool was absolutely stunning, long enough for swimming lengths, and perfectly situated in the middle of the property to soak up 360-degree panoramas of the ornate buildings framed by elegant travellers palms and a deep blue sky.

Zelie is more than just a villa; it’s an experience – and one that we never wanted to end!

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Bedrooms 5

Sleeps 10

Rating 8.7

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Page : 12345678910
Search Results: 91 Villa(s) in 10 page(s)
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