Dea Villas - Villa Radha Dea Villas - Villa Radha
1 bedroom villa located in Canggu, Bali. Ideal for Beach in ten, Body and soul, Going for golf, Romantic retreats, Spa sensation.
9 out of 10 based on 2 user reviews.
$225 $320 out of 1
Dea Villas - Villa Radha Villa Bali Indonesia

Dea Villas - Villa Radha





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What You Get

An historic 1-bedroom dwelling in an enchanted tropical garden, Villa Radha comes with all the comforts of modern-day living, including personal butler service, private swimming pool, and spa. Located near the coastal village of Canggu, it offers one of the most romantic and unique villa experiences in Bali.
Chef/Cook (All meals), Garden/Pool Staff, Housekeeping (Full time), Manager, Security, Service Staff
Key Amenities
  Internet (WiFi)
  Swimming Pool (Private)
  TV (Satellite/Cable)

Our review

Overall Rating:

A restored antique wooden house in the centre of a serene and enchanted watergarden.

There have been a few changes since we stayed at Villa Radha two and a half years ago, with the addition of two new villas to the enclave, a children’s playground, a gym and a spa. Staying at Villa Radha now means you have the choice of two spas on your doorstep. We decided, however, that we preferred the bygone era ambiance of the totally private wooden spa building within Villa Radha’s magical garden. Like the villa itself, the spa is another antique building so it is more in keeping with the overall character and charm. We noticed that with a total of five villas on the estate there is a now a little bit of hustle and bustle (and dare we say modernity) outside of Radha’s garden walls, but tucked away in our own private paradise – the gardens have grown and are even more beautiful than we remembered – we were able to completely relax and enjoy the wonderful service of the staff, and the great food. If you’re into sleek contemporary design the ethnic, rustic style of Villa Radha may not to be to your taste, but it is nevertheless immaculate and very comfortable, with all the trappings of the 21st century. There is no sitting room as such, but we enjoyed relaxing on the veranda, and were also very comfortable watching TV and movies in the air conditioned bedroom. As for the garden, well this is a landscaping triumph: forget any ideas of a modern Zen-like space, this garden will bewitch you with its tropical abundance of giant taro leaves, spiky pandanus, fan, parlour and travellers palms, bird’s nest ferns, heliconia, flowering frangipani, and rare fruit trees. It will make you wonder how it can be so full (almost to the point of being overgrown) and yet so meticulously maintained. At first we thought it was a little bit expensive for a one-bedroom villa, but when you consider the uniqueness of the property, the space, the facilities, the butler service, the pool, spa and gorgeous garden, you’ll probably agree that it’s extremely good value for money.

Individual Scores:

Character/Charm: 10 Location: 8 Outside Area: 9
Living Area: 7 Bedrooms: 9 Bathrooms: 9
Kitchen: 5 Facilities: 9 Staff: 9
Value: 8

This is a romantic retreat par excellence! A beautiful antique dwelling that is very conducive to romance and relaxation. The bathroom is outstanding, and you will never tire of the garden – it feels like you have entered another world. We treated ourselves to a massage together at the villa's private spa and concluded that both therapists were superb. The food was good too, hearty breakfasts are inclusive, and we particularly enjoyed the chef’s seafood pasta.


Due to the irregular shaped stepping stones over the ponds, Villa Radha is not suitable for the infirm or very young (or, indeed, those who are unsteady on their feet for other reasons!)

Guest reviews (1)

Denys D, Indonesia checked out on 30-May-2014
Overall Rating:
We really enjoyed our stay in Dea villa (Rahda villa).. Beautiful place, lovely food, great services and unforgetable experience! We recommend this villa to all visitors, specially couples for enjoy wonderful holidays..

Individual Scores:

Character/Charm: 10 Location: 10 Outside Area: 10
Living Area: 10 Bedrooms: 10 Bathrooms: 10
Kitchen: 7 Facilities: 10 Staff: 10
Value: 10