Villa Inti Villa Inti
5 bedroom villa located in Canggu, Bali. Ideal for Beach in ten, Body and soul, Bring the relatives, Kid friendly, Fair share for groups, The great outdoors, Sensible for seniors, Room with a view.
8 out of 10 based on 2 user reviews.
$500 $700 out of 1
Villa Inti Villa Bali Indonesia

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What You Get

A charming 5-bedroom villa with gardens of vibrant tropical flowers and a picturesque backdrop of gently sloping rice terraces. Combining traditional Balinese aesthetics and ambiance with modern amenities and idyllic setting, Villa Inti is a great choice for friends and family looking for a peaceful countryside haven.

Chef/Cook (All meals), Garden/Pool Staff, Housekeeping (Full time), Manager (Restricted hrs), Security
Key Amenities
  Gym/Fitness Centre
  Internet (WiFi)
  Swimming Pool (Private)
  TV (Satellite/Cable)
  Washing Machine

Our review

Overall Rating:

“Stunning views and supreme comfort induce a state of tropical languor.”

Green is said to be soothing for the soul, and in the verdant surrounds of Villa Inti almost every shade is represented; luminous rice paddies, spindly palms, lush leaves and foliage all conspiring to induce absolute calmness. Gurgling water fountains add to the serenity of this villa which feels wonderfully worn in without a hint of being worn out. The owners have great taste, obviously favouring comfort over ostentation and we happily soaked up the sense of intimacy and warmth, feeling right at home from the minute we walked in.

The atmosphere is one of pure tropical languor, easily indulged while sinking into a sea of cushions, sprawling on a sofa or lounging in a poolside deck chair. Service is relaxed – more of the ‘ask for’ rather than ’anticipated’ style – which suited us, but may not be ideal for those who like to be waited on hand and foot. When we managed to tear our eyes away from the scenery, we worked our way through the plethora of books, magazines, CDs and games, lamenting the fact that we didn’t have time for everything. We were happy to switch off, but the fast internet connection, good mobile reception and fax machine are handy for those who need to stay in touch with the outside world, which – despite the rural setting – isn’t actually that far away.

Individual Scores:

Character/Charm: 9 Location: 9 Outside Area: 8
Living Area: 9 Bedrooms: 8 Bathrooms: 8
Kitchen: 8 Facilities: 8 Staff: 7
Value: 9

The scenic rice fields and abundance of flowers create an enchanting setting, especially under the golden glow of sunset. We loved floating in the pool, basking in the dappled sunlight that filtered through the frangipani trees, and were particularly impressed with the inspired choice of art work and antiques that filled the villa.


Roosters greeted the dawn, but were far enough away that only the lightest of sleepers would be woken up – given the rural setting this wasn’t really such a surprise. The hot water was rather slow to heat up, but that’s ok, we weren’t in any hurry!

Guest reviews (1)

Kok Sheong Lim, Singapore checked out on 28-Nov-2012
Overall Rating:
We love this villa very much. Kind and friendly staffs, yummy foods, nice and clean environment. The only thing we don't give this villa full rated is because the electricity of this villa keeps blackout frequently during night time (it's a bit irritated), some of the bedroom is too dark (not bright enough) and the aircon is not cold enough. If you like quiet and private hideout, this place is your best choice. This villa is quite far to reach everywhere if you don't have any transport. There is no way you can walk to the beach or any convenience store or mini market.

Individual Scores:

Character/Charm: 10 Location: 5 Outside Area: 9
Living Area: 10 Bedrooms: 9 Bathrooms: 10
Kitchen: 10 Facilities: 9 Staff: 10
Value: 10