Villa Pemutih Villa Pemutih
5 bedroom villa located in The Bukit, Bali. Ideal for Beachfront, Body and soul, Bring the relatives, Kid friendly, Going for golf, Fair share for groups, The great outdoors, Sensible for seniors, Room with a view, Perfect for weddings.
8 out of 10 based on 2 user reviews.
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A truly stunning 4-bedroom property with glorious gardens above a renowned white-sand surfing beach, Villa Pemutih beckons with an infinity-edge cliff-top swimming pool and spellbinding views of Bali’s dramatic coastline. The experience is completed with a team of friendly staff and the inclusive services of a car and driver.

Chef/Cook (All meals), Driver, Housekeeping (Full time), Manager, Security, Service Staff, Shopper
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  Internet (WiFi)
  TV (Satellite/Cable)
  Washing Machine

Our review

Overall Rating:

Panoramic vistas of crashing waves and – on a clear day – the volcanoes of Bali’s heartland.

It is easy to become a little blasé when it is your job to stay in paradise holiday homes and report back on the findings, but walking into the gardens of Villa Pemutih and seeing that breathtaking view was a rapturous moment, and we knew that the next 24 hours was going to be blissful.

And so it was straight to the pool and the sunloungers on the cliff’s edge with a cold drink, a good book and some sunscreen. A cleverly placed tree provides the shade, while the birds, the cicadas and the ocean provide the music. The sweet Balinese staff bought us cold drinks as the afternoon wore on, and we watched the sunset from the cliff side balé. In the evening, a delicious Balinese feast was cooked for us by the talented kitchen team. We then retired to the super-comfy studio room to blast ourselves senseless with a couple of movies on the villa’s explosive home theatre system.

When the tide is low, do make your way down the cliff to the exposed reef for a bit of beachcombing among the rock pools. The water is calm and none too deep making it a fun, and safe, option for a paddle in the sea. Kids will also love the size of the villa grounds, where they can run around to their hearts’ content, and they’ll enjoy watching the birds in the aviaries. There are numerous species of trees in the garden, including flamboyant, frangipani, coral tree, custard apple, orange flowering saraca trees, acacia, cactus, mango, teak and yellow coconut.

Individual Scores:

Character/Charm: 10 Location: 10 Outside Area: 10
Living Area: 9 Bedrooms: 8 Bathrooms: 8
Kitchen: 8 Facilities: 7 Staff: 7
Value: 8

The views from the beautifully landscaped gardens and villa will exceed all of your expectations; we felt truly privileged to be there. Relaxing beside the pool with the sights and sounds of the sea, kingfishers and dragonflies, and a whole host of sweet-scented flowering tropical trees doesn’t even begin to hint at the feelings you will take home with you. We slept in the master bedroom upstairs and marvelled at the semi-alfresco ensuite: there’s not many bathrooms where you can take a shower or sit in a bathtub for two and have a magnificent view of surfers riding the waves on one of the best surf breaks in the world.


At the time of our visit (February 2011) there was a big five-star resort (Anantara Uluwatu Resort) under construction immediately next door. The workers cranked up their heavy machinery at 8am, but to be honest, the noise was pretty much kept to a low and constant hum and we didn’t find it to be particularly intrusive. In fact, the onshore sea breeze blows it in the other direction. The project is slated to finish in mid-year 2011 but even then, due to the aspect of the villa, it will not impede on the views or allow the hotel’s guests to stare down into the villa or its garden. Villa Pemutih is, and will remain, very private. The upside of this building project is that there will soon be a fine dining restaurant and spa on the villa’s doorstep.

Guest reviews (1)

Andrew Baker, Australia checked out on 26-Oct-2011
Overall Rating:
Just a stunning location and the sunsets from the pool are breathtaking. We had the most relaxing stay and loved the pool, the massages on the front lawn and the food was amazing. Thanks for a great stay!

Individual Scores:

Character/Charm: 8 Location: 9 Outside Area: 9
Living Area: 7 Bedrooms: 7 Bathrooms: 9
Kitchen: 5 Facilities: 6 Staff: 6
Value: 7