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Indonesia’s dizzying array of cultures, cuisines, landscapes and seascapes is quite possibly unmatched by anywhere else in the world. The myriad islands – more than 17,000 in fact – that make up this heady, steamy, vibrant archipelago speckle across the equator for nearly 5,000km. A third of these ocean-ringed islands are completely uninhabited, which must surely be a trailblazers dream.

Travellers have been drawn to this mystical region for centuries. More than a thousand years ago traders from as far away as China were sailing to the aromatic Spice Islands of Indonesia, and this precious commodity drew the Europeans in the sixteenth century too. Fast forward a few centuries and this corner of the globe is still a hotspot for foreigners who visit today for its raw beauty and rich culture rather than the spices that pepper its delicious cuisine.

Two of the loveliest islands within Indonesia’s stunning archipelago are Bali and Lombok, each of which comes with its own special charms. Whilst Bali’s cosmopolitan vibe is far removed from Lombok’s quiet, barely developed tourist trade, each island boasts dreamy beaches, volcanic landscapes, fabulous diving, charming culture and gentle, welcoming people.

Straddling the equator, Indonesia has two main seasons – wet between October and April and dry for the rest of the year – with slight geographical variations. The wet season is by no means intolerable, as storms tend to come in sudden bursts in between long spells of sunshine. The Christmas holiday period traditionally attracts a horde of visitors. And, given what awaits them on these unique and exotic islands, this is surely of no surprise.


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