Why Us?
Inspecting Villa Bengawan

Guests often rate our villas higher than we do... is that possible?

We're immensely proud of our reputation for sleeping around. It's got us to where we are today. The reason being we sleep in over 200 villas a year - trying, testing, sampling and inspecting every square inch, literally.

We take our role very seriously and work to exacting standards. We don't just lie on the bed - we look under it, beside it and even climb above it. We're thorough, and we need to be, because our review criteria is tough, real tough. That's why we employ villa aficionados - independent, impartial, insatiable reviewers, who are seasoned villa stayers, and hard to impress.

We have no vested interest in one villa to the next. If they don't cut the mustard you won't find them on our site. Our sole desire is that when you arrive at your chosen location what you booked is what you get. Simple.

We know that not all villas are made equal and neither are the people that stay in them. We understand that what may suit a globe-trotting fashionizta may have zero appeal to mum and dad with small kids, and that being the case, we have a zillion and one options for you to refine your quest in finding the perfect villa.

Then, if you're far too busy, just yell 'help'. (Push the button and we'll do it for you.) The hard part is our job, the relaxing part is yours. This is why guests more often than not rate our villas higher than we do. Which makes us feel warm and fuzzy, knowing that we got it right.

Review Criteria

Each villa is scored against the criteria listed below on a scale of 1 to 10. These scores are then totalled to provide the rating given on each page of this guide. Any villa with a rating above eight is outstanding, and a rating of nine or over is truly exceptional.


  • Character/Charm
  • Facilities
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Areas
  • Location
  • Staff
  • Outside areas
  • Bedrooms
  • Value for money
  • Kitchen


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